Modern layouts

With shape dividers, you can give your web pages an appealing modern layout that grabs the readers’ attention while offering high readability.


Shape Divider works with any background type, whether image or plain color.

Fully Customizable

Regardless of the shapes you choose, you can fully customize your divider’s look by flipping, inverting, resizing, and coloring it. Customizing is also easy thanks to the intuitive user interface that helps you avoid hours sifting through blobs of SVG code

You have complete control

Shape Dividers can be added above, below, or vertically to any row or column on your page, giving you many choices when it comes to placement. Break up your content however you want in a visually attractive way.

Play around and get creative

Using the Shape Dividers tool, you can add attractive and unique separators to your web pages. With around 74 shapes to pick from, exercise your creativity however you want to.

Amazing styles

Shape Dividers lets you employ unique styles in your design.


Our SVG is loaded with valuable content, granting you full access to our library of two hundred backgrounds and seamless patterns.

Unbeatable Price

Even with a library of such size, Shape Dividers doesn’t charge you hundreds of dollars.

Unlimited use

Once you’ve purchased the license, you can use unlimited shapes in unlimited projects for all your clients.

Visualize brilliance

Test out inspiring designs and never settle for dull SVGs again

Work faster

With a vast selection of professional graphics and easy customization, you can now work faster on your web designs. Deploy in minutes by copying and pasting CSS without fumbling around with image files and uploads

Optimized for the web

Not all vectors are built with the same end product in mind—some illustrators export SVGs with bulky code and advanced features which browsers don’t support. With Shape Dividers, we have thoughtfully crafted patterns to shave off the fat and ensure modern-browser support.

Visualize brilliance

SVG Backgrounds are designed to make life easier for web and graphic designers who might not have professional coding skills. While other SVG tools end up doing the exact opposite, our easy-to-use shape divider tool lets you customize visually stunning backgrounds with lightning-quick deployment into your projects.
Today’s websites attempt to capture the readers’ attention using fantastic imagery, but most image formats are bulky and can make websites load slowly. That’s where SVGs come in handy; SVGs are scalable, small in file-size, high definition, and well-supported. They have become the perfect way to stand out from the rest without compromising a website’s loading speeds.
Paid plans include access to our premium Shape Dividers collection and a license to use shape dividers without attribution.

Our backgrounds can be used as design elements anywhere, including websites, blogs, social media graphics, flyers, brochures, and elsewhere as long as the backgrounds and image files are not being distributed or sold.

For instance, you cannot include our shape dividers as downloads on websites that offer free or paid stock photography. View the full license here, and don’t hesitate to email to request clarification for specific projects.

No. You can create, download, and use unlimited shape dividers, granted that you follow the terms in our license.

Custom Shape Dividers

We created this tool to make it easier for web designers and developers to export a beautiful SVG shape divider for their latest project. We hope you enjoy this tool.


Make your Backgrounds Pop-Out with Shape Dividers

If you want to make sure readers don’t skip over important parts of your website, you need to call attention to them. Some people use bold colors, and others go for eye-catching images, but you can take more creative approaches.

Take shape dividers, for instance. They let you separate key sections of your webpage and highlight vital information. The more unique the shapes are, the more effectively they’ll grab people’s attention and improve your website’s overall appearance.

What Dividers are, and Why They’re Useful

The concept behind dividers is quite simple, and their name essentially sums up what they do. In a nutshell, they are the separations between two distinct sections on a page. Many websites simply use one background for a page’s entire design. In contrast, dividers can provide a visual cue about where one section ends and the next begins.

Take a homepage with an About Us section in the middle, followed by a contact form. With a divider, you can separate these two elements and make each stand out with unique colors and backgrounds.

How do you add dividers?

Adding dividers to your pages usually involves some amount of design work. In most cases, you’d need to use come coding to add dividers to your pages, but the task becomes significantly easier with the right tool.

When creating SVG Backgrounds Shape Divider, we wanted to make the process as simple as possible. Give a class name to the section requiring a shape divider, copy-paste the CSS, and you’ve got your new shape divider!

Your dividers themselves are fully customizable; you can invert the shapes and customize their height and color however you want. You can even configure your shape dividers differently for different viewports based on the reader’s device! Get a vertical shape divider on a desktop that becomes horizontal on mobile, where the columns are stacked.

Responsive shape dividers

Our shape dividers are responsive on every device. Simply enable the ‘responsive’ option to generate the CSS for the mobile and tablet version automatically, set each shape’s styling per viewport, or even have a whole new shape!


The collection of shape dividers is 100% original, designed directly by the team @

Clean Code

Our Shape Dividers team made sure that the code generated is as clean and lean as possible to give your website faster load times. Even the heaviest Shapes are < ~6kb, equivalent to a super small image.


Our shape dividers work well on every orientation. Use them horizontally, vertically, and even two on the same section (learn how here).

Trendy designs

Our unique shape dividers let you implement a very trendy design style and distinguish yourself from the rest of the competition.

Responsive shape dividers

Our shape dividers are responsive on every device. Simply enable the ‘responsive’ option to generate the CSS for the mobile and tablet version automatically, set each shape’s styling per viewport, or even have a whole new shape!